Kika Worldwide Outfitters | Specializing in Desert Bighorn Sheep & Tule Elk
Kika offers a world class, 10 day guided hunt. Utilizing exclusive tools, processes, and techniques, Kika has a proven edge over other leading outfits. All of Kika's guides spend all year round in the outdoors, honing their skills and keeping track on the whereabouts of game. They guarantee that their guides and outfitters are the best in the business.
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Outfitting the West



For centuries, outdoorsmen have hunted the coastal hills of Central California, which is now known for its cowboy culture, spurred from its rich vaquero background. Kika utilizes these century old skills and incorporates them into a cowboy hunting experience. Hunting horseback is a throwback in time, where friends gather together in a wholesome tradition. Kika offers this hunt to a limited group of people who choose to enjoy the hunt of a lifetime few people will ever experience.

The Trip:

Arrive at the Jack Ranch in Cholame, California; upon arrival we will head to the ranch rifle range and ensure everything is shooting great. Once settled in the group will split up and head out for an evening hunt. After returning we will enjoy dinner and fellowship around the campfire at the ranch house. The next morning the horses will be tacked and ready waiting for breakfast to be finished. Leave your bags at the door to your room and saddle up for a day riding through the hills hunting pigs throughout the day. A mid day siesta under the oaks with sack lunches always hits the spot. At the end of the day we will arrive at our cowboy camp outfitted with wall tents and a camp cook excited for our arrival. Your bags will be there in your wall tents. Tonight its hor d’oeuvres and local rib-eye steaks. After a quality evening of laughter around the fire settle into your bed with all the sounds of the city long gone. The next morning is much more relaxed, taking a minute to enjoy a coffee with the sun rising in the oaks. An easy morning hunt based out of the cowboy camp will fulfill our time on the ranch. These trips, though hunting, are about the experience in an incredible place that few get to enjoy. Welcome to the cowboy side of California, we are looking forward to saddling up and hunting.

Additional Information:

  • All inclusive cowboy camp
  • Horses, guides and cook
  • Campfires & local beef
  • Pig hunting a 70,000 acre ranch
  • 3 days, 2 nights
  • 1-5 hunters
  • No limit on pigs (tags required)


Hunt: March-June
Location: The Jack Ranch, Cholame, California
Guides: Kika Worldwide

(Archery hunting is accepted for an additional $200 per archery hunter)

Let’s go hunting.